venerdì 26 giugno 2015

You're single? What's wrong with you?

 In all these years I talked a lot with my friends and often came up the topic of relationships at our age, that is in your early 20's.
You have to know that I've just turned 24 and I never had a boyfriend in my life. I literally don't know what it means have a person that cares about you in a certain way, which is a lot different from friendship.

All my closest friends are in a relationship and my new friends at the university are beginning a new relationship or they are in a relationship for years and then there's me!
When someone ask me "Do you have a boyfriend?" the classic answers is "No, I don't" of course, hoping that maybe I could be more desiderable/suitable to single boys instead of my occupied friends. And of course it's not!

When I reach a deeper level of closeness with some friends and they find out that I never had a boyfriend their reactions are: "Oh my God! What is wrong with you?", "For real?", "ahahah you're joking, right?", "Maybe you're lesbian" , "You're lying, this could not be possible.. you're 24!". Well, thanks friends!

 Well, you know what? I'm not lesbian and there's nothing wrong with me, or at least I hope; it's just that no one applied for the role of my boyfriend! NO ONE! Is it my fault? Maybe.
You don't know how many times, when I was invited to dinner to my group of friends' house with their boyfriends/girlfriends, I wanted to bring someone with me. I was always the single one, 9 persons, 4 couples. At the end I stopped partecipating to these dinners, because the "couples" always talked about couple's stuff, couple's holidays, double dates... I had enough honestly! I felt like Bridget Jones! But of course it's not their fault.. we're talking about people that never stayed alone, they always had a boyfriend/girlfriend and they don't know how to be alone.


One day, one of my friend asked me: "When we are with other people and we talk about relationships, don't you feel uncomfortable? If I were you, I would! I mean, no offense but you know nothing about that!" Well, thanks again friend!

My cousin today told me how much she missed her boyfriend and she told me that I should find a boyfriend soon because I'm getting older (she's 20!).

Have I the worst friends in the world or there's actually something wrong with me?
I mean, I always have been the not-so-pretty-but-funny friend, the one that trusts no one.. yes, I have trust issues, ok, and I'm also picky! All the boys that I fancied in my life, literally played with my heart since I was 14. So, is just me or it was the first boy that broke my heart's fault?

Through my teenage phase I had my self-esteem and confidence under my feet, because I had to admit, pimples, crooked teeth and then braces were not so appealing near my perfect friends.

But you know what? I worked on me to be stronger than these words.
For me right now, be single is becoming an identity. I wouldn't change my independece and my habits for a man that maybe doesn't love me either.
As Lady Gaga said: "Some women choose to follow men, and some women choose to follow their dreams. If you're wondering which way to go, remember that your career will never wake up and tell you that it doesn't love you anymore.", so why should I settle for the first random guy??? I deserve one of the greatest love of all time, not a dickhead!
Also my mom always told me "Carol, think about your education and not boys!", maybe that's why I'm getting my second degree at the university and no boyfriend, but you know what, a fucking non-sense relationship is not definying me as a person.
There you are friends!

Or I'll will end up like Bridget Jones (before Darcy) and everyone else was right!

 Talk to you soon


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lunedì 15 giugno 2015

It's raining men!

It's almost summer and London is invaded by a lot of good looking men for the London Collection: Men for Spring/Summer 2016. This week end is all about the boys!

Topman is not just a shop but the brand also designs fashion collections: this year the collection is called "Northern Surf".
Topman Design proposed very loosy trousers, vintage designed joggers and bottom tracksuits but also sort of striped pyjama suits.
They interchanged skinny to loose trousers and tight turtlenecks to short jackets. The main inspiration could be the '70, which apparently are a coming back as fashion trends.
Red, black and whitish are leading in this collection but there are peak of colour with some pink or blue.




Coach decided to focus on colours and patterns for its collection. The main concept is "tailored sport wear" with very particular and colourul pattern, some eclectic, some animalier, but always classic with jackets and trench coats.



Hardy Aimes proposed a classic line mostly tailored but with a touch of modernity thanks to different textiles and fabrics, colours and sport jackets.
My favourite things were scarfs, double breasted suits and leather jackets.


Matthew Miller opted for a classic line but with creased jacket, coats and trousers. The main colours were navy blue, pale pink and white. As accessory the models rocked a luggage boarding ticket at their wrists.


Alexander McQueen decided for a straight and clean sartorial line. The main colours of the collection were white, black and dark blue with a lot of embroidered details or a lot of bottons on the jackets and sleeves or some printed "fake tattoos" on the legs of the trousers.




Burberry never let you down! I loved the evergreen trench coats and the introduction of fancy sweatpants. It could never be missing the man bag, of course.
The mocassins with tassels are such a touch of elegance.



This week end a lot of british and non celebrities attended the event like the BBCRadio presenter Nick Grimshaw, model David Gandy, youtuber Jim Chapman, actors Douglas Booth, Henry Cavill and Dan Stevens, rapper Tinie Tempah and Formula One racing driver Lewis Hamilton.

Btw I can't wait for the collection of Topman by Nick Grimshaw in october! I love the shirts!

A lot of handsome men! It's raining men in London!

That's all for now

Talk to you soon


The images are not mine