lunedì 21 novembre 2016

AMA's 2016

Uhh, who will US award as the best music artist of this year? But most of all, what will they wearing? Who will be on the red carpet? Let's find out!

martedì 1 novembre 2016

Happy Creepy Halloween!

Halloween! For a lot of people it's the most exciting holiday because we can dress up as we want, expressing ourself with the most sexy and creepy costumes.
In my country, Halloween was never a big party, when I was little we didn't even know what Halloween was! Till my English teacher explained the event at school and one of my friends organized a little pijama party for Halloween. I still remember the little witch hat, dark nail polish and lipstick that my mom bought for me! Ah I loved it!
Now, Halloween is kinda a big thing also here in Italy! Lots of parties and lots of costumes, but we will never be at the same Halloween-level of UK or USA!

Let's see what celebrities chose to wear for this fun and creepy night!