giovedì 27 aprile 2017

Coachella 2017

It's just me or this year Coachella was a little bit subdued? Or is it just me?
I expected to be a one of the best edition of the festival, most of all because Beyonce was announced as one of the performers of the event. When he announced her pregnancy, everyone knew that Coachella was kinda ruined but Lady Gaga stepped up to take her place as one of the "bigs". However, in my opinion Coachella this year was kinda different from the other editions.. and I don't even know why!

By the way, let's see which celebrities showed up to one of the most famous music festival in the world!

domenica 9 aprile 2017

Ridin' Solo!

I'm back! Again! Sorry but I just graduated in a master and things were so chaotic!! I had to finish my thesis and had to deal with my careless professor supervisor.
BTW, recently I was thinking that in the past 2 years I was still listening to the same set of songs, with some temporary obsession for some catchy songs which passed after a couple of weeks.
I felt like lately music was always the same, nothing new, same patterns, same bases... in other words, boring!!
However, in the last couple of weeks, I've rediscovered some artists that I forgot about and also discovered some nice new songs from fresh singers, which is nice! It's always nice explore different music! It's refreshing! Sometimes we're stucked with some songs that just remind us sad or bad things and automatically we feel that way. But sometimes, new music can bring that new energy and can affect our mood in a good or bad way, it depends.

Thanks to a playlist that I heard on BBC Radio 1 I've discovered some new songs that right now are stucked in my head!
The first is the debut single of Harry Styles and the other one is the new song by John Mayer, "Still feel like your man".

Talking about Harry Styles, who came right from a band and now he's working as a solo artist, I was thinking about all those singers that reached fame through a band or group and then start a solo career, leaving behind their band mates and becoming a super star.