lunedì 27 febbraio 2017

Disastrous Oscars

Oscars!!!! YES!!! After a not so thrilling awards season (fashionally speaking ahah), I couldn't wait for the Oscars! Usually movie stars and candidates show off the best outfit of the year.. however, it wasn't like that.
Nothing exciting, but pretty monotonous. Yes, of course, there were some good outfits, but nothing breath-taking as it should be!
The night had a unexpected turn out with the big mistake in the declaration of the best picture. It was called La La Land on the stage when the real winner was Moonlight! Ops!!!

lunedì 13 febbraio 2017

From BAFTAs to Grammys

Last night was full of events: the Grammys at Los Angeles and the Baftas in London.
The Oscars of the music and the British Oscars all in one night but on the opposite side of the world!
From Royal Hall in London to Staples Center in Los Angeles, the celebrities were a lot with a lot of looks, but unfortunately I have to admit that last night was a bit undertone. There weren't outstanding outfits or looks, nothing breath-taking. Maybe because they're holding back for the upcoming Oscars? I really hope so! Because I need to be surprised!!

Let's see the outfits of Baftas!