mercoledì 27 luglio 2016

Couture by Trevi Fountain

I know, I'm so so so late for this, but Haute Couture deserves a post!
Everytime Haute  Couture Fashion Week is up, it's like different dreams are brought to life by the designers with their collections.
The Ready to Wear collections are great, but the Haute Couture ones have something special and magical.

mercoledì 6 luglio 2016

Stuck in the mud

One of the event where you can have the time of your life, I think, it's definitely the Glastonbury Music Festival!
Despite the mud, the tons of mud, you can have so much fun, listening and dancing to a lot of gigs of the most popular and famous artists.
Glastonbury is so famous and fun that a lot of celebrities can't refuse at least a day there!
This year the festival was just after the results of the UE referendum that Uk demanded.. and "brexit" won. A decision that will affect everyone, not only the young british people and the you could feel the disappointment also at Glasto.
But let's talk about this another time!