mercoledì 16 marzo 2016

Next stop: Paris

After London and Milan we're finally in Paris, just in time for the first flashes of spring!
Let's get staraight to the collections, because this fashion week gave us a lot to take note about the upcoming trends in fashion.

H&M sees its woman with a funky 60's vibe with large headbands with long and striaght hair,cozy camel coats,jackets with fringe,daytime pyjamas in silk, lace and velvet but most of all very high knee phyton leather boots to complete the look.




Chloe proposed cozy sweaters, fluffy fur and sheepskin coats and comfortable but chic camel ponchos wit a finish touch of leather or soft and long woolen dresses to keep us warm.


Carven decided to use a lot of fur and sheepskin too to its collection, with amazing long coats and short jackets but also with patchwork of different materials and fabrics that confer to the dress a modern revisit.


Balmain changed its colour patterns into glacial grey, white, pale pink, baby blue and black. Of course it couldn't be missed all the tight silhouttes, high knees boots, chamois and suede skirts and fur coats, corsets and ruches and ruffled sleeves and trousers.


Alexis Mabille experimented different fabrics and patterns mixing them perfectly, but maintaining a common pattern of colours in his collection: black and navy blue with a flash of red and pink.
This collection has the advantage that can dress both a young girl and a mature woman at the same time.



Lanvin opted for light colours and black, all mixed with lace, silk, velvet and fur both in coats or collars to complete the outfit.




Dior chose a woman who wears black! YAY! Black is the new black! Dior opted fot rigid shapes and shades with some touches of colour like white or red in the coats or in the accessories as bags.


Isabel Marant chose plaid and tweed as her main inspiration for her collection. We can find long checked coats with leather belts and skirts or tweed skirt closed with a ribbon and dresses all drapped on the model's body.


Andrew Gn chose a more austere atmosphere for his collection with long flared skirts and plus fours trousers maintaining simple the bottom part, meanwhile on he top he designed a super elegant anf embroidered jacket. This collection reminds me of a modern Jane Austen's world.



Elie Saab created a collection for a glam rock star with leather jackets with floral application, long soft dresses, a lot of sheer, tulle and fringes, wide-brim hats,laces and skinny scarves to add a little bit of boho chic allure, and of course the unavoidable fur.



Giambattista Valli was amazing and created his usual but at the same time always new bon ton girl, this time superimpoing different fabrics and patterns one on top of the other: a vest on top of a shirt, on top of a dress.
He also decomposed dresses or coats mixing different types and creating new ones, mixing fur and tweed, lace and organza, silk and cotton.


Saint Laurent was definitely inspired by the 80's vibes. We start from the sleaked back hair, to the big shoulder pads, sequin jumpsuits, short and wide skirts and leaher jackets or silk bombers. All of this collection catapult me straight to the 80's!


Chanel always wants to be unique and unmistakable with its original fabrics and models but this tima Karl Lagerfeld wanted to add something new like denim and riding boots embellished by fabric inserts.
Chanel didn't want to be boring and always want to create something new but maintaining its unique style.


 Valentino with this collection passed from the dark to the light, starting from black arriving to beige, which we can interprete like a dirty white.
Watchwords of this collection were lace, a lot of lace, silk and a little bit of sparkle from the sequins.
It's like a world were the black swan redeemed himself into a white swan but with some scars, all on form of ballerinas dresses, super delicate and elegant.


Fashion season is almost complete and I want to know which fashion week was your favourite. Your favourite designer? Best dress? Tell me, I wanna know! :) I can't pick one!

That's all for now

Talk to you soon


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