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Personalities of 2016

2016 was definitely a tough year for the world of show business, a lot of iconic singers and actors sadly passed away like David Bowie, Carrie Fisher, George Michael, Prince, Alan Rickman and many others. I think it's a general opinion that if we had Brexit and Trump's election, 2016 certainly SUCKED, !
But who are the personalities who were able to stand out this year?

The models Bella and Gigi Hadid had a pretty sucessful year.
Bella landed her first walk for the Victoria's Secret fashion show and became officially an Angel like her sister, Gigi. Early this month they both walked for Victoria's Secret and they were beautiful, but in my opinion too way thin! I like them when they were a little bit fuller with hips, thighs and breasts. I think that this year they were a little bit too skinny.

The gossip sparked also because Bella was in a relationship with popstar The Weeknd for all the year but before the show they broke up.. and both of them were performing (Bella walking, Weeknd singing) at the VS's show. I don't know if the thing was awkward or simply a perfect ex's -"look how amazing I am"-walk.

Bella's sister, Gigi, instead is in a on-off, but almost engaged-maybe it's too soon-relationship with Zayn Malik. We can say that the Hadid's sisters both were the hot couples of 2016!

Gigi also, collaborated with Tommy Hilfiger with a super cool collection Gigi x Tommy. I must admit that that collection was very simple but very nice! I'd have bought everything!

Another One Direction member Harry Styles, even if he didn't show up ver much, he worked hard for the future of his career.
In May he began filming the movie Dunkirk with director Christopher Nolan; Harry was chosen for the role of Tommy, a young soldier who took part in the fight of Dunkirk during the Word War II.
It was quite a great accomplishment for a young man coming from a different enviroment like music, he landed a role for a big movie with the director of Memento or The Dark Knight Trilogy.

Harry in september released a complete issue with the magazine Another Man, and believe me, it was AMAZING!!!
So many pics of Harry, including him in expensive Gucci suits, or him laying in the grass, him in his mum's kitchen getting a hair cut. Yes, his long curls needed to be chopped off for his role in Dunkirk and he transformed his hari cut in a 20 pages fashion issue.

Let's talk about fashion and Harry Styles. He definitely know how to dress to impress! Thanks to his stylist Harry Lambert, he can put the perfect union between fashion and his style. An example: at the party of Another Man he wore a Dior tuxedo matching it with velvet boots and black nail polish! I love him!

And beyond all this, we're still waiting for his solo album, which could be released by the begin of summer.

Niall Horan, member of One Direction, decided to spend his time off between his golf passion and his solo projects. He created a section in his management agency Modest, searching for new talents in golf. In September he signed with Capitol Records his first solo deal and at the end of the month he, unexpectedly, released his first single "This Town" with an acoustic version. The single reached very great level entering in the top 10 of british charts and top 25 of Billboard charts.

Dua Lipa, is a young singer that in a very short time was able to win everyone's heart. Most people in the industry call her the new pop princess and Dua is certainly ready for this role.
She's young, nice, good looking but at the same time she's a little bit shy, kind and not out of control and blinded by popularity.
Her album "Dua Lipa" is catchy and her hit songs Be The One and Hotter Than Hell were performed a lot through Europe and also the famous Glastonbury Music Festival.
She also had her first Vogue cover, putting another milestone in her career. I think we can expect much more for the next year.

Rihanna is always on top! She had released her eighth album and she smashed it! Before the launch of ANTi she took a very long break from music but it was worth the wait.
She collaborated with a lot of great artists like Calvin Harris with the hit "This is What you came For" or with Drake with her first single "Work". This single was simply so Rihanna and a very catchy song to dance to.

She also worked with one of the most famous shoes' designer Manolo Blahnik and  created a very particular collection in demim. It's so unique that just a woman like Rihanna could wear them!

Then Rihanna  stand out for her unique style and chose in fashion. Her style is enviable!

Alessandro Michele is the creative director of the italian maison Gucci. After the glory of Tom Ford's Gucci, I think Alessandro was able to rebrand the maison in a very special way! Thanks to his taste in fabrics, shapes and most of all accessories, he created a new wonderful era of Gucci.
Alessandro Michele, brought a gust of fresh wind that he was internationally rewarded for the transformation of the maison.
His last accessories collection is incredible, from the bags, to scarves, headbands, rings and necklaces.

Who was your favourite? Who was your least favourite? 2016 was pretty rough but who was able to oustanding?

That's all for now

Talk to you soon

ps: Happy 2 years anniversary to this blog!


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