martedì 26 maggio 2015

Grand Monte Carlo

I always loved Monte Carlo! I think it's one of my favourite place ever! I visited it for the first time when I was 14 years old with my best friend and her family for easter's holiday. For me it was like a dream! I stayed in a luxurious hotel and we ate in the most famous restaurants. It was just so WOW!

I came back when I was 18, when I worked as hostess on a cruise ship and I stopped for few hours there and "grab a bite" at the Cafè de Paris. Finally this year I came back to Monte Carlo with my best friend and we stayed on the yatch of her stepfather. (yes, I know I have the best BFF ever!). When I'm in that city, I can breath glamour. It's amazing! Great shops, great food, great landscapes and views!


Right now in Monte Carlo there is the Formula One Grand Prix and of course a lot of celebreties arrived to attend this sporty but at the same time glamorous event.

Cara Delevingne wore a preofessional jumpsuit and tried a real race car. Later she visited the "backstage" with her sister Poppy and in the evening she attended with the McLaren-Honda's pilot Fernando Alonso  the TAG Heuer party in a amazing black jump suit and then she was joined by dj Mark Ronson.
During the day she wa spotted talking with Cristiano Ronaldo while going to the cars' boxes.


Also the Jenners' sisters were at Cannes ealier this week and decided to make a stop and visit Monte Carlo. Kylie watched the Grand Prix with her boyfriend Tyga, meanwhile Kendall was with her girlfriends Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid and Hailey Baldwin who were rooting for Lewis Hamilton who unfortunatelly lost the race.


Kendall wore these eclectic and colorful Zimmerman top and trousers.

At night they continued the fun in a club all together! What an awful life, uh?

And then, an afterparty on their yatch, I think was mandatory!

The handsome Michael Fassbender visited the cars' boxes with her girlfriend actress Alicia Vikander, who I personally adore since "Royal Affair" with Mads Mikkelsen. Great film, I recommed it.

The lovely couple were later joined by Game of Throne's actor Liam Cunningham aka Ser Davos.

Also Liam Payne from One Direction decided to take a break from recording the new album in LA with the boys. It's a few days that he and his gorgeous girlfriend Sophia Smith are strolling around the city and the race's "backstage".
Look at their bodyguard holding Sophia's purse! ahah

Liam being a total gentleman! Awwww

How cute they are together??

Btw, today is my birthday!!!!!

Please someone bring me to Monte Carlo as birthday present!
I'm waiting... ahah

That's all for now

Talk to you soon


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