giovedì 17 settembre 2015

London, baby!

I just got back home from my mini trip to London. I left on Saturday to visit one of my best friend who is living there.
Me and my friend L decided to seize the opportunity and go and say hi! Who would refuse a trip to one of the greatest metropolis of the world?
We were really lucky because when we arrived London was beautiful and sunny. Fortunately our hotel was in a perfect location, just in front of the London Eye!


We had a stroll around Westminster and I think that this is one of the most beautiful places in the city. So majestic, elegant and royal. I still remember the first time I saw the Big Ben.. I was getting outside the tube's station thinking that it would have take a couple of minutes to get to Westminster and there it was! Right in front of me! I was so overwhelmed by the immensity of the Big Ben. Amazing!


For lunch our friend R suggested Five Guys, which is an american burger and hot dogs restaurant chain where you can "build" your own meal. For me, as an italian, it was so unusual! It was sooooo good! A hit for my poor heart.. I mean, it's so unhealthy, but once in a while it's ok concede to yourself this kind of guilty pleasure.
I tried a lot of new things that are so rare, difficult or impossible to find in Italy. Let's talk about the new London trend: bubble tea, which is basically flavoured fruit tea with some chewy tapioca bubble. I went to Bubbleology and I had a mango and lychee tea which was so refreshing but I have to admit that the tapioca bubbles didn't excited me much.

While I was strolling through Soho, I literally bumped into Bleach, which is the salon of famous english hairdresser Lou Teasdale!

For dinner we tried some thai food at Banana Tree and I chose a vegetarian noodles dish with some fried tau fu. OMG it was so spicy!! In general I eat a lot of spicy food so I'm used to it but this time it was too much! My mouth was on fire!!!

The next day was reserved for shopping!! After that shopping session in Oxford Street my credit card was crying!! ahah
I rested my tired arms at Selfriges looking at things that I can't afford. Meh!
However I didn't give up and I cuddle myself with some cupcakes at Lola's. Some friends of mine told me that those were the best cupcakes in the city but actually I was a little bit disappointed.. Good but not so special!

In the evening we were in Brick Lane and  we opted for some Wagamama and it was the first time I tried it. I ordered some chicken curry with some rice and it was good!

After dinner we decided to go for a few drinks to Callooh Callay in Shoreditch. I was surprised when I came inside because it was an ordinary pub but when I passed a wardrobe (yes! a wardrobe!), I fund myself in this eccentric and mysterious living room with strange chairs. The menu came in an old audio cassette (great idea!) and I had the drink "To coin a fraise". It was so delicious and the bartender was so nice with us!

The next day we strolled to Buckingham Palace for a greeting to Liz, ehm, I mean the Queen! (ahah I know my humor is so lame! Sorry).

 Then we went to see the Tower Bridge, which, in my opinion is an underrated zone of the city. I loved it! And yes, I took far too many photos there, but what can I say? I was inspired! ahah


In the afternoon we went to Kings Cross to have some proper english tea at Drink, Shop & Do. OMG their cakes were huge!!!!! Me and L enjoyed our tea time with tea and cake as old ladies we are. ahah
I opted for some mint tea and vanilla and chocolate cake.


In the evening we went with R out for some drinks at The Alchemist near Liverpool Street. WOW! It was so classy and nice. We tried some molecolar drinks and they looked strange but they tasted good! I chose some  molecolar Strawberry Bellini and then a Raspberry and White Chocolate molecolar drink with a looooot of cream on top! YUM!




And here we are at the last day... ultimate rush for shopping at Covent Garden and then home!

I really enjoyed this trip because I really, really, really needed some time away from home.
It was relaxing for my mind but exhausting for my body.. We walked a looooot!!

I hope to come back again to London because it's one of my favourite places in the world! There's this special atmosphere that makes you believe that everything is possible there! But the most important thing is that London is so open minded about everything which is something that other countries should work on it.


That's all for now

Talk to you soon


All the photos are mine

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