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A Breath of Spring

From Milan to Paris.. Here we are again for the best Ready To Wear collections of  Paris Fashion Week.
Paris is one of the best locations for fashion, for example, Dior expressed itself creating a floral covered dome in the courtyard of the museum of Louvre. It was such a clever idea for the S/S  rtw colletions: in the middle of fall you can find a breath of spring made by a waterfall of blue and purple flowers in the middle of Paris.

For me Vivetta was a total suprise. I have to say that I never heard about this brand before.. but my bad! This collection is so fresh and cute! It's like we've been thrown in the 60's with all these bon ton but super fashionable young girls. I loved the pussybow blouses and all the big glasses and sunglasses with some floral appliques on them. However the thing that I loved the most was the cute floral band that some model rocked on the ankles or just underneath the knee.

Giorgio Armani is a classic: in his style, in his collections and his inspiration but it's always a success!
Armani's collections are usually famous for his classic styles which it fit perfectly for a mature style but this rtw collection has something more.. the old mixed with the new and modern. Classic shapes and colours with new materials, modern fabrics, twines and a lot of sparkling!

 Rochas opted for colourful metallic and pastel colours for this collection. The collection was characterized by mid lenght and embroidered dresses and amazing shoes. Some dresses and coats have an amazing and meticulous intricate work made of gold wires on a black back.
The shoes were a touch of extreme elegance with the stylised lace bow in the front. Their mid heel and the weave of the lace fabric confered to the shoe unprecedented elegance.

Chloe was defintely inspired by the 70's fashion. Honestly this collection reminded me a lot the film The Tenenbaum by Wes Anderson.
This collection mixed the sportwear with the bicolour tracksuits and the flower child lond and loose skirts or trapezoid mini dresses passing through long dresses to denim shorts with off-the-shoulders blouses.

Balmain was surely my absolute favourite. The collection was characterized by a lot of warm colours, a lot of suede and really tight waist belts. The pieces were so sensual and fierce with tight-skin jumpsuits, sparkling mini dresses, netfish skirts and a ot of cut-outs and flounces on the long skirts. The sandals were amazing: bright colour and all wrapped on the feet.

Lanvin melted the business woman and the bon ton girl.: perfect mix! The grey tailleur was a great piece modernized by sleeveless long jacket and low trousers' crotch. The mix of mature woman and young girl was perfectly characterized by the polka dots see through blouse with taylored shorts and bow as a belt matched with the classic grey coat. There were also long and super chic cocktail dresses alternated with super fluffy and cute mini dresses.

Dior this year was very minimalist. This collection was characterized by the main colours black and white with neat and simple designs and shapes. Dior chose long classic blazer matched with white virginal shorts or mini skirts alternated with cropped tops and suede jackets.

Rihanna also attended the show wearing an amazing pink loose Dior coat and hugh knee boots... and nothing else! Ahhh RiRi! As always she looked stunning!

Elie Saab was incredible as always. It's incredible how Elie Saab is capable of design the right kind of dress for every occasion without a sign of mistake. This collection is very young and colourful but at the same time sexy and elegant. The collection presented a lot of blockes of colours, floral patterns, stripes, patckwork of materials and at the end the classic Saab elegance with not too demanding cocktail dresses. It's definitely the kind of dresses that I will wear!







Giambattista Valli followed Elie Saab and his style. Both of them have similar design styles and they're both great! Giambattista Valli for this collection was mainly inspired by 60's and 70's fashion with short skirts and dresses, light colours, silk scarves on the neck and long, voluminous and bright dresses.
I'm always impressed by the shoes: laced-up sandals with sparkling silver sole or heel with some  floral appliques wrapped around it.


Saint Laurent was inspired by 90's grunge punk princesses. The collection was plenty of thin dresses matched with smoking blazers, denim over-sized jackets, leather "rock'n'roll" jackets or fur coats. Saint Laurent pushed on the image of a broken city princess that made the models wear a little tiara through their hair.
However, the thing that I loved the most was that Saint Laurent built this type of punk-chic princess who is always wearing wallie boots!


Chanel created a post futurist version of the classic lines of the dresses. In fact it's like Coco Chanel moved all her creations in 2030!  The collection had a lot of different patterns and fabrics that characterized all the pieces.



Karl Lagerfeld create a proper airport for the Chanel show with branded trollies and luggages, real professional flight assitants and stewarts at the check-in desks who were indicating to the models their way out through the gates. Karl was capable of trasform the cat walk in a proper first class airport where the metaphore of travel and fashion was brought to live. 

Welcome to Chanel Airlines!

What do you think about this parisian week? What's your favourite collection? Tell me your opinions! I'm curious!

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