domenica 24 aprile 2016

A Youtube.. paradise experience

Sorry I didn't post for a while but I was kinda busy with some family stuff and university... speaking of which, I travelled to Mauritius in february for visiting my relatives and most of all my beloved grandma.
I livein Italy but my mum's family all lives in Mauritius, which is a paradise! When I was a child I was obliged to go there and I didn't understand the beauty of that place, but now I appreciate it a lot more!
I had to manage some family businesses so I had a very little time to spend at the beach or sightseeing.. I was always stuck in some offices! Meh.
Btw.. I managed to film some videos! I wanted to make you see my experience, which was a little different from a usual holiday. I spent my childhood there and there are my origins! Sometimes I forget that my mom was born in a paradise like that!



I stayed at the Mon Choisy Resort which was in the north of the island and it was.. amazing! With a great view!

I visited the botanic garden of Pamplemousse which is literally heaven on earth.. Sometimes we forget we live in such a wonderful world.


Later I visited the biggest Tamal temple in Mauritius and it was so colourful and spiritual.


After a lot of time spent stucked in offices I was able to enjoy an entire day at the hotel and at the beach.. and of course I got a sunburnt! AHHH so painful! I have a very tolerant skin and then I always apply a lot od sunscreen cream but that sun was so strong that I got burnt! OUCH!




The last day came so quick and it was time to go back home in Italy, so Mauritius showed us a very gorgeous sunset and I was very happy because I finally managed to acquire my mauritian citizenship!!!

I took two flights: one to Dubai and the next to Venice.. and OMG! 12 hours on planes and zero hours of sleep!! I'm not so young anymore and for it was exhausting!! : /

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Talk to you veeeery soon!


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