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Man! I feel like a.. man!

 Now it's men's turn! The last couple of weeks, fashion was all about men and what they will wear next spring/summer. From London, passing through Milan, to Paris, the man presented by the designers, took inspiration from past trends.

Valentino thought about a man influenced by the trends of street fashion. The must of the collection are technical anoraks, large trousers, big leather handbags and 70's inspired tracksuits. An essential accessory for this collection is a small handbag to wear across the shoulders, matching the colourblocks anorak.
Valentino's man is a more laid back kind of guy compared to the previous collections.

Louis Vuitton opted for a casual ans sporty man. The collection is characterized by tropical prints on shirts, leggins, hats, baggy shorts or trousers. Louis Vuitton chose to reintroduce the classic LV logo on handbags and backpacks. For the occasion, Drake created another song called Signs which was part of the collection during the show. Such a tune!

Balenciaga, instead, was inspired by men fashion of early 90's! It's like Balenciaga's men came literally back from the 90's, starting from the tropical prints shirts, baggy blazers with shoulders pads, long and oversized eaincoats, patchwork jeans and leather trousers. But the biggest inspiration for this collection is a man who is a dad! So cute!

Dolce & Gabbana.. I like how D&G handled their last collection, with the concept of new talents on the catwalk, but right now I'm kinda tired of it.
The collection as always is based on extravaganza, with bright colourful and shimmering suits, sequin t-shirts, silk pajamas but for daytime, personalized baseball shirts. It's always a mix of classic trasformed into an eclectic look, which for D&G is always a winning strategy.
However, this continuous presenting of youtubers, sons and daughters of celebrities who are made models for the day walking on the catwalk is a little bit overused. It was a very genius idea he first couple of times, but now it isn't. It's time to change!! We want real models on the catwalk, or "proper celebrities", because winking to the young generation with internet sensations, it's kind of "out of fashion".
Moreover, at the end of the show, a model protested against the choice of the brand to dress Melania Trump for her public appeareances, and it definitely caused a lot of trouble!!

Prada, in my opinion, trasfered the charcter of Dylan Dog into fashion. The collection was, indeed, characterized by high waist trousers rolled up on the ankles, colourful jackets, cardingans and sweaters with rolled up sleeves and white shirt underneath with pulled up collars.
The man decribed by Miuccia Prada is a mix between Dylan Dog and "bad boy" James Dean.

I think Versace was my favourite. The collection as a mix of different styles, from the most classic, to sporty, to casual. The collection brought its classci prints mixed with demin and leather. In addition to warm cashmire cardigan with stripy shorts, suits with leather coats and my favourite baby pink and blue trousers with a plain matching "Versace" t-shirts.
This collection definitely mixed the old style of the brand with the new one! I loved it!

 What do you think about this collections? The man of next spring and summer?
I think next season there will be a lot of variety on fashion inspired from the past.

That's all for now

Talk to you soon


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