venerdì 29 settembre 2017

Big City Life

I know, I'm super late to fashion weeks but I just moved to London!!
But, first of all let's start with NYFashion Week, the one that started the fashion season.
I've selected few designers and brands that really impressed me. like Tom Ford, Brandon Maxwell and Oscar de La Renta.

Tom Ford was definitely inspired by the 80's trends with shoulder pads, mini sequin dresses, fitted leather jackets, double breasted blazersand bell bottom trousers. The main colours of the collection were white, blue, black, gold and fuchsia.
In the last couple of years, Tom Fors was a little bit disappointed for me and I have to say a little bit too boring for my tastes but this collection is definitely a valid recovery!

Brandon Maxwell brightened his collection, passing from a darker pallette to a more vibrant and colourful one.
This collection was characterized by shades of pink and fuchsia, red, yellow, blue, green and white.
The collection is extremely feminine and elegant which is a distinctive trait of the designers. We pass from tight midi dresses, long dresses with trains, top and trousers, to soft sweaters and ample skirts.

Hellessy for me was a surprise! I was never interested in their collection, but this one is really nice!
Interesting shapes linked with shirts, one shoulders or over the shoulders tops, trousers and belts made of shirt sleeves or trains.

Adam Selman created a very young and fresh collection characterized by vichy fabrics made into shorts, long and light coats, off the shoulders dresses, playsuits, jumpsuits and mini dresses. The choice of vichy fabric was exalted with bright colours like red, green and orange details.

Philipp Plein is aggressive and transgressive as always with his collections. Black leather, lace, denim and studs are a must of this ready to wear collection.

Oscar De La Renta was amazing like always! His collections never fail me!
His designers have the skill to mix the elegance and modern trends together creating beautiful new dresses.
Blue and pink tulle gowns are the classic De la Renta and then the colour stained white shirt dresses and denim ensemble represents the modern trend but this mix is just a clever innovation for the brand.

Marchesa was literally made for modern fairytale princesseses! The ready to wear collection was characterized mainly by different textures and fabrics, dimensions and volumes. We pass from flounces, ruffles with delicat sheer and lace to a more serious black suit matched with stunning adorned pussy bow silk shirts or embroidered blazers.

I have to say that lately fashion and red carpets are lacking of great outfits and looks but this fashion week was not that bad. There were definitely some good pieces!
What do you think about NYFW? Did you like it? Was there a designer who really impressed you?

That's all for now

Talk to you very, very soon!


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