martedì 3 febbraio 2015

What Makes a Man Attractive?

What are you looking at in a man?
I mean, aesthetically, what you looking for in a boy? I know it's a little bit superficial because a girl should go over a good-looking face and look for other qualities in life, BUT let's be superificial for a moment!
When I asked to my female friends, most of them aswered me saying "Butt! We look at their butt at first!" and I was like "really????". I've never looked at a man's bum as a first thing.. I mean, for me it's not essential.
Personally I'm obsessed with hands and teeth..
I know I seem to be a total psycho, but for me these are almost essential. I don't know why I focus on these two stupid things, but I do.

For me a me a man needs to have really neat hands (even if I don't have such neat hands like I would like to have), it could be a bonus if he has big and fine hands. Maybe I'm obsessed with them because the touch of  nice hands can be really appreciated!

Take Harry Styles' hands, for examples, to me they are perfect. Big, tapered and well-groomed.
Usally I like rings on men, but it depends from their styles and fingers. 

 Let's pass to the teeth.. which are really important to me.
A man can be really attractive just with a great smile. Sometimes they don't need anything else, just that.
And again.. Harry Styles has a great smile! It's almost contagious! But, the basis for a great smile are the teeth! I don't like men with messy teeth. If you have problems with your teeth, for me, you're out! And believe me, I had the worst teeth in the world when I was a teenager but I fixed them and I know how much a good smile can be worth.

 There's another couple of things that can make me appreciate a man: a deep gaze and how he dressed.

Look at Ed Westwick's gaze.. I literally would die with a gaze like that.
*Are you looking at me? really? oh my God, I'm dying. Bye.*

I really like a man in a suits. In my opinion a well-dressed man is the essence of elegance and manliness.

 A well-dressed man literally drives me crazy!
 I love the classic must-have in  a suit but sometimes I also like a little bit of eccentricity. Sometimes a little particular can give to the outfit a slightly improvement.

An accessory that I found really interesting (but the most of them never wore) is the watch. To me a nice watch in a man's wardrobe is fundamental.

I think all women will like that kind of view!

 Who in the world would ever refuse men like these? I hope no one would!

Also the designer and director Tom Ford make a list of the things that every man should have. (I think I might agree with him!)

 But sincerelly I think that the most attractive features in a man will always be the self-confidence (without cockiness please!), kindness, manners and charm.  If you have these qualities you will always win in front of a woman.

Talk to you soon


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