venerdì 17 luglio 2015

Paris IRL

Bonjour a tout le monde!
I just came back from Paris and oh my God it was a dream!

I stayed there for three days, it was a short holiday but it was so full. Despite I have relatives who live in Paris, I've never been there.
I took my flight so early in the morning, at about 6 am from Italy and luckily I was able to enjoyed the amazing sunrise.



As I arrived I went straight to the hotel which was really nice, modern and chic as I like.


I hoped that Paris would have been chillier than Italy, but instead it was so hot!! You can't imagine how much I sweated climbing the stairs of Sacre Coeur.



Luckily I was there for the 14th of July, Bastille Day! French people are so proud of their nationality and they show it so much through the streets.


 I went shopping in the Champs Elysees, I visited Notre Dame and then I made a mini cruise by the Seine to see the main monuments.


When we were exactly under the Eiffel Tower, it suddenly started to light up! WOW! Then in the evening I went to the bridge of the Invalides to enjoy the amazing fireworks' show coming from the Eiffel Tower. Just so magical!


The next day I enjoyed a typical french breakfast and then I went to visit the Louvre. I am actually an art lover so for me it was so good. There were so many people who wanted to see the Monalisa that I barely saw it but to made up for it I was Amore e Psiche by Canova, the Winged Vicorty of Samothrace and the Venus of Milo.



While I was visiting the Louvre I bumped into an italian friend of mine from the univesity. How small is world! Then I went to grab a bite (actually an entire omelette!) in the Champs Elysees and after I went to visit the Eiffel Tower.. OMG climbing it was so hard!!!


The day after I went to Versailles and oh my God it was beyond amazing! I loved it! It was like get in a different time with Marie Antoinette and her breath taking chambers and her english gardens!




Unfortunatelly none of the fountains in the gardens were working but they were wonderful.
I promise I have to come back to Paris, I have a lot to see yet!

And this is me hating love and lovers padlocks! Buuuuuu

That's all for now

A bietot



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