venerdì 24 luglio 2015

5 years, 5 boys

On the 23rd July of 2010, 5 british and irish teenager boys were put together in a boy band called One Direction as contestant at the X Factor UK.

Unfortunately they didn't won, but they gained a lot of fans that supported them till now.
I can say that in five years they became one of the biggest boy band in the world after the great splendour of  the 90's bands.
After the X Factor Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Harry Styles aka One Direction began to perform in little concerts that soon became big concerts in even bigger arenas and stadiums with an enormous amount of fans.

I still remember the first time I saw their first video "What makes you beautiful", I thought "Ugh, another boy band of teenagers! But their song is nice". I wasn't a fan but I liked their songs when I randomly listened to them.

While I was listening to their songs, they were becoming each days more and more famous.
They went through dramas, girlfriends, awards, concerts, tours, gossip, fake rumors and all but they're still here.


Last year I randomly listened to the first song of their new album, "Night Changes", after the first listening I couldn't stop! That night I listened to all their new album Four and I loved all their songs!
I was and I am going through a really tough time and listen to them help me, they relax me even if they're targeted as a band for teenager girls. I can't help but I like them, because they're a source of positivity and freshness.

It's amazing see how many fans they have all over the world, and OMG how loud ad crazy (in a good way) they are!!
One Direction, till now, won 188 awards, they made 4 tours, 4 perfums, 4 albums, 12 music videos, 72 songs and 15 singles.
They've lost one member through their trip but they're still together. 4 months ago, Zayn decided to take a break and then leave the band to take care of himself. But some fans took his decision like a betrayal and others tried to understand their idol. It was a really big drama for the fandom.. and you can't imagine how many fanfictions came out! It was insane!
Sometimes their fans go so crazy that no one can explain why they are so frantic and hysterically happy!
Some tried to explain what happens in a fan's brain when she/he listens to One Direction.


Can you imagine how much the fandom freaked out yesterday when Liam wrote a tweet thanking the boys and Zayn? And Zayn replied! 
The fans were on fire!

Should we say that beyond their singing skills, they are also so lucky that they are really good looking young men? I can say so. I mean.. Look at them!! Look at them!!!!!

Personally I am a Harry's girl so I freak out just for news about him. (OMG, why did I just say that?? You're no more a teenager Carol!)
And they're also funny!! Full package, girls!

They reached such a high level of international success that they were invited to perform even at the Arena in Verona, which is one of the greatest honour as an artist!

I live in Verona and I still remember all the screaming coming from the Arena. It was crazy! Unfortunately at the time I liked them but I wasn't a fan so I didn't go to the concert.

They also seem to care to each other a lot, in fact they call each other brother. How cute!
One Direction has a really big potential and they are "exploiting" it very well even if one of the member left.
Now they are the OT4 with many more years to come!!!
But most of all, we need to admit that everyone likes One Direction! How is it possible you never jump and dance to one of their songs? Come on, you can tell me.. ;)

Thats' all for now

Talk to you soon


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  1. I had the same first thought about One Direction. But I've then loved them since they dropped their first album. Currently I still listen to their music and I probably know the most important news, but I'm not that big of a fangirl anymore.

    1. I perfectly know what you mean. It happened to me too with other music/actors/shows that I was so keen on.