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Best dressed of 2015

Finally 2015 ended! I'm really happy that 2015 is behind us because I can say that this year was the worst of my life. I really hope that 2016 will be nicer because I need some rest.
Buuut let's talk about what was good in 2015.. Fashion!
2015 highlighted some personalities with a great taste for what concerns clothes, fashion and style.
Selena Gomez was one of them. She developed a very strong and confident style that I appreciate a lot!
She's young and she needs to dress in the right way for her age so her style is modern and a little bit street-chic and then she wears these amazing pieces of high fashion.. wow! That's exactly how I would like to dress daily if I was a little bit more confident about me.




Another woman that I appreciated in 2015 was Naomie Harris aka the loyal colleague of James Bond, Eve Moneypenny.
Naomie, during the promo for the her latest film, Spectre, showed off some incredible outfits. Maybe the best from the runaways.
She's always so fresh and elegant at the same time, but also sensual.
I have to say that she never got an outfit wrong! Always perfect!







I think this Valentino sheer dress was my favourite. She was simply stunning!

Rihanna always wins! She's always had an incredible style.. very eccentric but at the same time very classic! She can go from a sporty tracksuit and trainers to a velvet long dress, fur coat and high heels. Rihanna it's us! We all are like her, we can wear something comfortable to go grocery shopping but we can be divas to go out for some drinks, super bon ton for an afternoon tea or super grungy for seeing friends.





 Let's take a moment to enjoy this incredible look from New Year's Eve... So classy!


And then unexceptedly.. Rita Ora. Unfortunately I've never like her style that much. Too short, too bright, too tight. However since this year, but most of all since she began her work as a judge for XFactor Uk her style changed and it was much better.
Less sporty, more classy? Sort of.. and it works! It's a sort of glam-rock-chic.. or something like that! ahah









 These two are my favourite outfits of Rita. Her hair are amazing and the dresses are so simple but so nice and pretty.

Now let's talk a little bit about fashion men. I think that in 2015 the only one that was able to distinguish himself was Harry Styles. Yes, sometimes his choices are questionable but at least he has a brave sense of fashion and style.
From his sheer and colourful shirts to his bell bottoms and Gucci's floral suits.




He is totally the perfect rock star in his Saint Laurent velvet and satin bomber.
Now that he and his band are taking a break, he could perfectly fit into the fashion world!

What are your best dressed of 2015? Tell me! Who was the worst?

That's all for now

Talk to you soon


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