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Men with Fashion manners

A couple of weeks ago, it started the fashion season after  holidays break and it bagan with the men's one.
I know I'm super late, but I had exams at the university but now I'm here for face all the fashion weeks! The London Collection Men is one of my favourite fashion event together with the Haute Couture. Men's fashion is not so boring as it can find a lot of inspirations and it's fun  to see all those male models.
Men's collections are so good that sometimes I get jealous!

Burberry is following the current trend in fashion and opted for  70's vibes for this collection.
So the collection was full of sporty jumpers or cardigans modernised by modern textures and fabrics, but also bombers made of fur and sparkly jackets. To complete the collection, the Burberry scarves and coats couldn't miss! The coats and trenches were a little bit military inspired with plain dark colours and bright hems and gold buttons.

A model of the show payed tribute to the late icon David Bowie with  "Bowie" written on the palms of her hands and glitter under her eyes.

At the show were present Nick Grimshaw, Brooklyn Beckham, Jourdan Dunn with her gorgeous green dress and Mark Ronson with his wife.

1205 presented a very clean collection with taylored trousers and blazers.
The collection revolves around technical fabrics and basic colours mixing the elegance of a suit or a camel coat to the practicality of quilted jackets.

Belstaff chose an adventure and icy environment for its collection. Belstaff opted for super warm parkas, sheepskin and leather coats matching them with some climbing boots and resistant leather trousers.

Coach was definitely inspired by 90's young New Yorkers men with their baggy leather jackets, colourful polo underneath or super cozy and bright parkas. To complete the look, it can't be missed the hat!

And now one of my favourite from the LCM: Joshua Kane. His collection was brilliant and this is one of those time when I'm like "Can I be a man and wear all those amazing suits?".
He followed the 70's trend with some pieces like chequed trousers or patterned jumpers or blazers but there are some really cool pieces like the burgundy fur and leather short coat or the classic suits made modern by python skin fabric or velvet and silk. This is definitely a collection that a man could wear and think "Yes, I'm cool!".

 McQueen was amazing! The collection was so full of great pieces that I can't decide which is my favourite. McQueen's collection is so decadent that I love it so much! It's like Middle Ages was moved to our days and made it modern and super chic.
I love the velvet blazers but most of all the "butterfly" suits. Butterflies are all over the suits, on the jumpers, on the coats and they're amazing. The red embrodereid blazer and  tight were a touch of classy decadence.

I think that this collection could be one of the best of McQueen of the last couple of years. I literally adore the ispiration behind it!

Now let's get ready for the Haute Couture of Paris!

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