martedì 4 ottobre 2016

From Hello to Ciao

The other day we were in New York and now we're overseas, in London precisely!
London presented us a lot of designers, both british and international with very original collections but with some recurring trends that you can recognize as nust haves for spring and summer 2017.

Philipp Plein mantains his very loud mark with animalier prints, total denim outfits made by shorts, shirt and jacket, shimmering silver baseball hats with big mirrored sunglasses, heavy gold chaines as necklaces or simply as details in dresses and gold embrodery.
This collection reminds me Fergie's video Mifls with shirtless male models in the background working as gardeners in a fantastic neighbourghood made of candy canes and roses where women are the "strong sex" and men are objectified.



Francesco Scognamiglio used a more delicate range of colours and fabrics: using white, black and light blue, which are very simple but combining it the designer was able to create an adorable collection. In my opinion this is a collection which is literally "ready to wear",because of its semplicity it doesn't need to be modified; you can you wear it and rock it!


Julien Macdonald dressed a woman super sensual and seems like she's just came up from the beach, a quick shower and chose to wear the first thing she sees.. a gorgeous high fashion dress that makes her a diva. This collection is made of cut outs, on the front with a deep neckline or as a tear, as cuts on the shoulders, as a midriff.


Charlotte Olympia is simply super glamorous and I can't handle it! I think this collection represents perfectly my glam dream. I imagine wearing this collection on holiday on the cote azur, in the most beautiful hotel in Montecarlo.. ohhh what a dream!
White and cream white are the main colours of the collection with big pearl necklaces, elegant fumè sunglasses, high-waisted culotte and trousers with big hats to repair from the sun. The oufit were juiced up by coloured shoes or high heel sandals and hand bags.


Now we take an imaginary flight to Milan! Ciao Milano! Let's see what you're offering us for this fashion week!

Well, Milan welcome us with one of the best italian brand and designer of the moment: Gucci. This season Alessandro Michele, who I adore, followed his eclectic 70's mood.
He took his inspiration from the 70's fashion and then revolutionized them making them absolutely original and unique.
Lively prints and colours are in contrast with the softest fabrics as silk, organza and sheer.


Alberta Ferretti took inspiration from the past,more precisely Spain in the past with long dresses with a lot of flounces all over the skirts and tight black double belts on the waist. The main colours of the collection goes from red to black, passing through turquoise and purple.


The mood of Roberto Cavalli's collection is hippie. The collection channels the inner boho hippie chic and create this style. Ample and long soft dresses are matched with skinny scarves, high-knee boots, ponchos, flared jeans with floral print fabric inserts are creating a very alternative collection.


Luisa Beccaria took Jane Eyre and made her modern and glamorous .. and lighty. I love this collection! Simple dresses with a nostalgic feel of aristocracy.. Ahhh yes.
She used pastel colours like baby blue and pink, soft grey and green, and white; everything is floral, stripy or sheer.. so delicate and soft with a lot of sheer, silk and simple cotton.



Moschino is very eclectic like always. This year Moschino dressed a doll, literally. You know dolls in children's books that you can dress with different outfit? Exactly!
Moschino create an actual collection made of dresses for dolls with white stripes included! Some dresses are proper dresses others are printed. It's a very original idea but not so comfortable for a ready to wear collection.


Versace chose a very interesting range of colours made of blue, black, green and purple. I love it!
This collection is very fitted with skinny trousers anf fit blazers, or tight-skin jumpsuits, culotte trousers or tigh mid lenght skirts with a sensual tear. Colour blocks are a must for this collection and an excellent inspiration.


What do you think about these collections? Great inspirations? Not so innovative?

That's all for now.. I'll see you in Paris!

Talk to you soon


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