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Coachella 2017

It's just me or this year Coachella was a little bit subdued? Or is it just me?
I expected to be a one of the best edition of the festival, most of all because Beyonce was announced as one of the performers of the event. When he announced her pregnancy, everyone knew that Coachella was kinda ruined but Lady Gaga stepped up to take her place as one of the "bigs". However, in my opinion Coachella this year was kinda different from the other editions.. and I don't even know why!

By the way, let's see which celebrities showed up to one of the most famous music festival in the world!

Let's start with Hailee Steinfeld, who know looks so grown up! In my eyes, she always looked like the little girl from True Grit, maybe because she has such a baby-look face.
Shw wore a net bodysuit with jeans shorts and black high-knee boots at the Revolve party, later she wore a cute mid-lenght floral dress with combat boots. I really liked this look because it was sweet but at the same time rock'n'roll with the boots.

Models Taylor Hill and  Lais Ribeiro at the Revolve party wore a nice nude dress with white combat boots and a white crop top with a simple but cute black mini skirt. Of course, every look was accessorized with head bands, chockers and little chain necklaces and the inevitable sunglasses to face the desert sun.

Alessandra Ambrosio changed into several different outfits and she rocked all of them as usual! Every piece on her is a look! She began with a crop top and jeans shorts with leather boots, then bodysuit and shorts but my favourite look was the maxi shirt dress of Rolling Stones with a belt on her waist, black and white leather jacket and combat boots. So rock'n'roll! I loved it!

Emma Roberts was super cute in her very nice white mini dress. It's so me!

Katy Perry and Jeremy Scott were faboulous at Jeremy's party with a new super shirt and blonde pixie haircut, a colourful fur and 90's style sunglasses for Katy. Jeremy wore an eclectic bomber jacket with shirts, his baseball cap and inevitable sunglasses!

Rihanna, in my opinion was the best dressed at Coachella! I loved her eclectic choices for the event. she wore a blue jeans jackets over the shoulders with a long skirt and two very deep tears on each sides to show her legs and her super high-knee white leather boots.

However, the best outfit was the glitter bodysuit by Gucci! This piece directly came from the latest Gucci collection of Alessandro Michele and it was customized with a Gucci tank top and distressed jeans shorts. It's so ecletic but it's amazing! If I had the chance to participate at events like this I would wear it too!!

Kendall and Kylie Jenner were at Coachella, of course and they were faithful to their usual style. Kylie rocked neon green hair with a gold skin tight mini dress and black boots, but earlier she rocker a wet effect purple bob with a one shoulder python skin crop top and skirt. Kendall, instead, wore a more sporty outfit with a oversized black top with jeans shorts and earlier she wore sparkly crop trop with white palazzo trousers and a patterned silk jacket.

Nicole Scherzinger wore a nice black crochet mini dress with a blue jeans shirt, combat boots and a black hat. So boho chic!

Rita Ora wore a silver dress with a gold waist belt and a very cute beret with blue sunglasses.

At Levis' Coachella Brunch party Poppy Delevingne wore a Levis' ouftit with a white crop top,jeans shorts and space buns! So cute! Emily Ratajkowski wore a nice white crop top with long sleeves, jeans and amazing red sandals.

Brooklyn Beckham wore a simple outfit made of a grey top vest, patterned blue jeans and pink rounded sunglasses.

Lorde performed her latest single Green Light with a bustier and long silver trousers.

Drake performed and Future decided to join him on the stage.

Also Kendrick Lamar performed at Coachella his latest album Damn.

Radiohead performed some og their biggest hits but they had some tecnical problems and their performance suffered a little bit.

The Weeknd performed too his new album Starboy.

And finally Lady Gaga sang her latest album Joanne and her latest single "The cure". As a "substitute" for Beyonce, we can say that she didn't let her fans down.

As I said before I didn't join so much this Coachella. The outfits were not outstanding, I mist admit they were pretty boring, at exception of Rihanna.
The performances were good but not amazing.. I don't know but this year, there was something important missing.
By the way.. now it's time to think at the upcomin Met Ball!!!

That's all for now

Talk to you soon! Very soon!


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