lunedì 2 marzo 2015

Dolce & "Mamma"

Milan Fashion Week is almost done bringing with it a lot of new trends and good fashion shows.
In my opinion one of the best catwalk of this season was the Dolce & Gabbana one. I loved it! I love the dresses, the inspirations but most of all the tribute to all mothers. It was really sweet!
On the catwalk there were models with babies and little children. 

The dresses were amazing! In the last couple of seasons Dolce & Gabbana's collections were inspired by the '50s in Sicily , south of Italy, but also by the baroque style and the byzantine's mosaics.

This year they kept all the "old" inspirations and add some modernity and sweetness and warness of a mother.


The  modern style was lighted up by the adorned headphones and the sweetness of a mother was represented by the children's drawings printed on the skirts or the print "MAMMA" on a jersey rather than "Ti voglio bene mamma".



This collection, in my opinion is all about a celebrationof motherhood, in fact the italian designers made modeling a radiant and pregnant Bianca Balti with a pale pink dress and also a lot of models bringing  little children with them, on the note of Mama by Spice Girls.


The collection were dredged with  embroidered red roses, sicilian lace, fit dresses and longette skirts all matching the main colours: black, red and gold.


The shoes were special in velvet with little roses and details or super sparklings!


 A little detail that I really appreciated was the headbands with little red roses or adorned with little gold jewelry or pearl.

I am italian so maybe I could understand  what D&G wanted to show to the world. This is a strong mother-child bond that is instilled in us till we're children. We love our moms so much! Like we say here in Italy we're such "mammoni" and we're about it! 
You can touch everything but our MAMMA!


Talk to you soon


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