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The one that got away

Last Wednesday it seemed that all the fan world stopped. On Wednesday Zayn Malik from One Direction left the band and that day everyone, literally everyone talked about it! It's amazing how much One Direction are famous that even not fans heard the news and talked about it!

But let's take a few steps back.. the evergreen Beatles, one of the most popular and influential band in the 60's, passed through the same situation. They became a legend because it was the first time in history that a musical group brought fans' hysteria. Like every famous band there were a lot of rumors about their forthcoming split and then in 1969 John Lennon informed his band mates that he was leaving and then in 1970 Paul McCartney announced that he was quitting the Beatles too. I can't immagine the hysterical desperation of all the fans!

Shall we pass to my first boy band love in the world? Yes! My Take That! Yes, I was 4 years old and I was obsessed with them! My mum always tell me how I was madly in love with them and I tried to sing their songs at the radio while my dad was driving. Even today I remember perfectly Sure and Relight my Fire or my favourite Back for Good.
You can imagine how sad I was when Robbie Williams left the band. Ok, he had drug issues but my mum couldn't tell me he left because of that!
However, even if Robbie left, Take That continue their career as a four-piece band but in 1996 they split. After the announcement lots of fans were deeply upset about the split and some of them also threatened suicide or they broke into tears for weeks. This massive sadness was not only in the UK but also around the world and it was so widespread!
Ten years later, they reunited, for my joy, and they were so amazing!

And now my favourite girl band: the Spice Girls! OMG! I was really crazy about them and I had t-shirts, pencils and a diary with them!
I can say I was a really young fangirl! ahah
I think I melted the tape of their first album and my dad heavy walkman, in fact I listened to it like thousand times per day! I locked myself in my room inventing little new and strange dance moves listening to Wannabes non-stop. I believe me, I passed through all the "Geri is fat" and "Victoria can't sing" dramas and I was so a posh spice girl!
In 1998 when Geri decided to leave the group I was shocked and angry thinking "how she can leave us like that?". She said that she was suffering from exhaustion and wanted to take a break but as a 7-year-old girl I couldn't understand. However, the Spice Girls continue their american tour and they never broke up officially.

Here we are today, with Zayn leaving One Direction. I must admit that, even if I'm 23, I love One Direction! Since they begin their career I always had a look on them and their really nice songs but I never appreciated them as lately.
In these years I loved some of their songs but since their latest album came out I never appreciated them fully.
Four for me was a revelation! I literallu loved this album from Night Changes, passing through Girl Almighty, to Change your Ticket or No Control. I know every single song and I begin to listen to their previous albums!

I really started to appreciated also the boys, they seem to be kind and nice. Even if I am a Harry-girl when I read the statement of Zayn, I was sad. I don't know why, but I was.
Zayn took a pause from their world tour just few weeks before because of stress issues, then he left because he wanted to be a normal 22-year-old boy but according to the Sun, Zayn is going to start a solo career. Wasn't it easier to say it before?
However I hope that the Harry, Niall, Liam and Louis continue their career because I really like them and their music.
One Direction have a huge international fandom so you can imagine how desperate the fans are right now. Liam had to write a tweet to ensure all the deep desperation of the fans who cried their eyes out after the official announcement.

How crazy is this feeling of loss when something happens to your favourite band, or singer, or actor?
How we arrive to be so attached to people that don't even know we exist?
This is really mysterious in my eyes but I am in that weird tunnel too.
How hard is life for a fangirl/boy? So hard!

That's all for now

Talk to you soon


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