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Girls' Revolution

Recently there has been a lot of reconsideration about women. I think that something good is happening in our society and it is amazing.

I'm 23 years old girl and I grew up with a certain consideration about me as a woman. Yes, I am a woman but I don't need to be submissive or docile just because men said so. I've just said men because we have to admit that in the last 50-60 years, our society was pretty much a men's centered one, in fact my dad has a different view of a woman being a 65 year-old-man grew up with a male chauvinist thought about women. Even if I often disagree with my dad about the role of a woman in our society he always pushed and encouraged me to be the strongest and most independent woman in the world.
I'm glad that my parents always encoraged me as a woman, because in this crazy world a lot of girls and women can't say the same.

For example, almost 3 months ago, during a lecture at the university, we talked about Malala Yousafzai, a pakistani girl who fought for her education, but she's not an ordinary girl, because she was the youngest winner of a Nobel prize for peace. A young girl of 12-13 years old who decided to begin to write about the condition of her country on a blog, soon became a icon for every girl in the world to whom education is denied because she's a girl. Malala was shoot in the head three times for being an activist for female education but she survived and she's still carry on her campaign against discrimation of genders for education. I have to say that at the beginning I didn't know much about Malala, but as soon as I discovered her story, she became such a great inspiration for me and I told myself that if I ever had children, and those children will refuse to go to school I'll tell them the story of Malala, who was shoot just because she fought for her and every girl's education.

Another recent example of reconsideration of women was at the latest Oscars when the winner of the best supporting actress award gave a really inspiring speech. Patricia Arquette, who played the role of a mother in Boyhood, says:

 which is not important just for USA but for the entire world.

Then, we have the Queen, Beyonce, who definied herself feminist. When I was younger and I thought about that word, I would said that a feminist was a woman who believe in femal superiority and hate of men, but today I agree with Beyonce who said

"A Feminist is the person who believes in the social, political and economic equality of the sexes"

A really great and meaningful example is also Emma Watson and her UN's campaign "HeForShe", which had an enormous success! Maybe she was the first woman in the last year who begin this attitude's change.
She said:

and I was really surprised to see how many famous and non-famous people, especially men, joined her cause. It was incredible and everything I was thinking about when I saw that, was maybe it's really changing something!


The last example I want to talk about is Ashley Graham, a plus sized model. Right now she's becoming very popular because she's the icon of the beauy change. Finally she introduced on a really high level another type of beauty, out of the fashion imposed stereotypes. She's tall and not skinny and in my opinion she embodies my vision of a normal woman, because most of the women bodies are like hers not like the "normal" models' ones. She was the first plus sized model to make an appearance in Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit, which is famous fot its skinny and amazing models, but she was also able to create a lingerie line for women with curve, because she heard that most of the time these "plus sized" women don't even find their right size in the "normal" lines.
I like her because she's standing for a body revolution!


Moreover, a couple of weeks ago, it took place Beijing20, the UN's women conference which celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Beijing Declaration and World Conference on Women. They had the opportunity to discuss the change of the role of women and gender equality but most of all, the conference had a positive response also from a lot of celebrities.
I believe that this is the begin of a new vision of women and genders which is really important for the development of our future society.

Talk to you soon


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