giovedì 23 aprile 2015

British Invasion

British, British everywhere!
USA has been invaded by British! Last week end the famous english maison  Burberry brought a touch of London in Los Angeles. They presented their collection in America with the fashion show "London in LA".
At the show a lot of british celebrities showed up like Elton John and his inseparable husband David Furnish, the Beckham family and also the funny James Corden, who's having such a huge success in USA!
He was also chose as testimonial for this event and he was amazingly funny as always.

Burberry was able to bring all the UK spirit with them and make all so classy and british, starting with the army of the Queen's guards to the typical and traditional iron gate from Buckingham Palace. 

 The models walked through the catwalk supervised by the Queen Guards' band.


 The other british "royal" family in in the front row: the Beckhams! All the complete family was there, little Harper included with her cute trench-dress. Victoria and David were joined by Vogue queen Anna Wintour.

 The supermodel Cara Delevingne rocked this stunning dress, so chic and simple at the same time.

 Jamie King wore a special Burberry dress in green sheer dress showing her growing baby bump.

The gorgeous Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, with her new short haircut was amazing in her mini multicoloured Burberry's dress and Mirabell suede sandals.

But, one of my favourite outfit was Rose Byrne, with her black sheer and lace dress with a golden belt. I really loved that dress!

Here we come with his amazing catwalk! He's so funny!
I remember I first saw him in the film "Begin Again" with Keira Knightly, Adam Levine and Mark Ruffalo, where he played a talented british busker in America.
Then I recently saw him in "Into the Woods" and in his Late, Late Show and in a lot of english programs.
He run the catwalked accompanied by the stunning supermodels and Burberry loving Naomi Campbell and Jourdan Dunn.


 Let's take a look to the details! Who would die for a personalized mononogrammed Burberry's scarf?! I gradly would!
Burberry decided to give to the all front row's guests a monogrammed scarf! So lucky!

 And as always, how handsome is becoming Brooklyn Beckham??

 At the event also George Ezra performed during the show.

Omg, I wish I was invited so such a cool event too! It must have been so fashion and elegant.
In my opinion Burberry is always able to modernise itself everytime and most of all is able to keep it update and organise this king of event! Burberry is so famous arounf the world but it is confirming also out of its native land its importance on the fashion scenario.

That's all for now

Talk to you soon


Please forgive me for my bad, bad english but I'm still learning and practicing

Photos are not mine

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