giovedì 16 aprile 2015

Take me to Coachella!

Last week end it took place the biggest music festival of the year, the Coachella  Valley Music and Arts Festival! (aka Coachella) 

In the last few years Coachella festival became famous not just because it took place in the middle of the Colorado desert but also because tons of celebrities and wannabes show up wearing amazing outfits.
Every single year I hope that one day I will be able to go there, not just for the crazy people but also for the amazing music! I really love the many genres that the festival is hosting, from rock, indie, hip hop to electronic dance music! It should be a wonderful event!
This year there were such good artists such as Drake, Madonna, Kasabian, Florence + The Machine, Kaskade, Marina and the Diamonds,Duke Dumont, David Guetta or the evergreen AC/DC.


Speaking of witch, should we talk about Drake's  performance?? Yes, we should! At surprise he was joined by Madonna, who, at the end, gave with a wild make out session! But the greatest part was Drake's reaction!! I seemed so disgusted! His reaction is hilarious!

 But let's pass to the ever-present Jenner sisters. Lately, like their older sisters, everything they wear become a trend right away!

I have to admit that I don't really like Kendall's outfit but I love her Dylnalex Hendrix necklace! This time Kylie 
hit the centre with her total white outift! But I am not so convinced about her light blue hair.. nah
Unfortunatelly her hair look too much like a wig, they don't look natural.

Kendall Jenner regained points with her other outfit, wearing a white crop top and a beautiful long black skirt with two deep thight-high rips.

 Speaking of blue hair, Hilary Duff rocked her blue ones with a classic "Coachella outfit". She wore a see-through blouse with shorts and boots. The next day she chose a simple tshirt with short, boots and a glamorous hat.


Rihanna, instead, chose a colorful outfit and decided to be provocative as always wearing a beaded necklace as a top! Genius!

As you may have read, for this kind of event I really appreciate the total white or light colors outfits.
The Victoria's secret angel Alessandra Ambrosio wore a cute boho short dress and in the evening she chose a long version of it.

Btw, is it normal hanging with your super gorgeous friends at a festival and look like you're coming from a photoshoot??? Omg, they seem all supermodels!

 One of my favourite outfits were Kate Bosworth with her little white dress and the cutest embroidered Etro Crochet sleeve embellished jacket, and then her white shirt and skirt. Simple but beautiful!


Other total white outfits that I liked where Gigi Hadid, who channeled her gyspy mood and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley with her white lacy white dress, sexy and adorable.

 I must admit that I was really surprised by the outfits of Paris and Nicky Hilton! I loved their outfits!
Paris chose a lacy bra with a total white longette skirt and Nicky wore a cut out mini dress. The little kitty ears headband is so cute, Paris!
Good choices Hiltons!

 Should we talk a second about how handsome is becoming the "little" Brooklyn Beckham?? I mean, if I was a 16-year-old teenager, he will be my celebrity crush right away! A perfect mix between the elegance of his posh spice mother and the hotness of his father!

That's all for now

Talk to you soon


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