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Life of a Fan Girl

All of us, in our life had a crush or have been a fan! It's almost a mandatory experience that everyone should pass. 
Even my mum, in the 80's was madly in love with George Michael, she had also a maxi poster of him on the door of her room when she was a teenager.

As you all may have read in my previous posts, I'm kind a fan girl, and believe me it is a hard life!
When I was little and I saw girls go crazy for certain singer or actor, I always thought that I would never become one of them and I would have ever do crazy things for famous "strangers".
Growing up, instead I really connected with the feeling of those "crazy" girls, in fact few years ago I was (and I currently am) a massive fan of the tv series Gossip Girl. I remember that here in Italy, they broadcasted the episodes late at night during the week and I had school; so I put the alarm and I woke up just to see the new episode.

I really love the story, the characters, the location, the fashion trends and also the music (my IPod is still full of the soundtracks)! I was so deeply enthusiast about that tv show!

But I was really into one precise character: the ambiguous Chuck Bass played by Ed Westwick;

and I don't know what happened but I was immediately "in love" with him. So enigmatic, so complicated but also so romantic and caring.

Who wouldn't love a conflicted and hostile character? I would! ahah
I was so obsessed with Chuck Bass and Ed Westwick (he's the cause of my love for british men) that when I found out that he was coming to Italy to shoot the new version of Romeo and Juliet I was literally freaking out! Too much to handle!

I mean, what were the chances I could get to meet him? Well, ZERO!
I got in contant with some other girls via some blogs and we agreed to meet in Mantova where the film crew were taking the first scenes. Mantova is just 45 minutes far by train from my city, Verona and I thought it would be a good idea try to go there. Me and other girls "stalked" the hotel and the location but there was no sign of him! It seemed that everyone in the city had the chance to meet him except me! I was so sad because I passed two days there but nothing! I was a desperate 19-year-old girl!
When I read on some blogs that Ed was back in New York to shoot Gossip Girl I was so disappointed.
A couple of weeks later I was contacted by some other girls that luckily got the chance to meet him and they told me that he was coming back to Verona for some other shooting! Ed, in Verona, my city.. I was so happy!

Thanks to those lovely girls that then became friends I was able to finally met him!

(please don't look at me, I was so tired and omg my brows were terrible!)

 I couldn't believe it! We saw him shooting some scenes as Tybalt and then, when he was leaving for his hotel we asked him a picture and he said yes! even if the bodyguards didn't want to!

He was nice and I was cloud nine! I still remember his arm around me! (omg I sound so crazy right now).
The next days we decided to visit the other locations and we met him again, even his mum and dad wanted to meet us. They were the sweetest! His mum wanted to take a picture with us because we were the only quiet fans, but Ed became soon protective towards his parents and it was totally comprehensible.
I didn't know how but the other girls managed to be invited to the wrap party and they nicely asked me to go with them.
It was such fun! We met Ed and his parents again but also Douglas Booth, who's a sweetheart and also Hailee Steinfeld, she was so young I wanted to hug her!
Who knew I will ever do something crazy like this in my life?!
But you know what? After meeting him (I know it's impossible and unreal) buut it was like I know him, like a friend! When I rewatch Gossip Girl I think "Hey! It's Ed!" and it's such a crazy thing. ahah

That's all for now

Talk to you soon


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