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The Youtube's Generation

You all may have noticed that in the last few years youtube became one of the most famous video network on the net.
When I was 13, I used Youtube just for listening to music, watching some tv shows' scenes or some fanmade videos, nothing else.
I would never think to use Youtube to watch beauty, food or haul videos. Today we can use Youtube to watch almost everything! Also videos about everyday's life or travel videos that now are called vlog aka video blog.

Recently Youtube has created actual and proper celebrities! You just need your room, one camera and a good chat.
A lot of young boys and girls became famous thank you to Youtube and some of them also became presenter with their own show on E! like Grace Helbig.

Another american youtuber that became famous is Tyler Oakley who make everyone laugh with his sassy talk but also make as think about LGBT youth and rights that are not respected most of the time.

He is so relevant on Youtube and Twitter with 7 and 4 millions followers respectively that he had the opportunity to meet USA president Barack Obama and also made a video with first lady Michelle Obama.
He was also a guest at The Talk and at the Ellen DeGeneres' show and now he has a book "Binge" on the way.

There are a lot more famous american youtuber but personally I follow some british youtuber , I find them funny and they help me with my english pronunciation!

I really like the british queen of Youtube, Zoella and her boyfriend Alfie aka the Pointlessblog.
This couple of young british are really funny, fresh and also down to earth. Zoe talks about simple and normal things, she vlogs her days and then she makes make up tutorials or house and clother haul. She's a regular girl who had a great idea at the right time who lucky enough also to released a beauty range of cosmetics.

She met her current boyfriend Alfie through a Youtube's collaboration: they got in touch and decided to make a video together and there they are.. living together and rich.
Alfie aka the Pointlessblog vlogs daily documenting his entire day with Zoe, their pug Nala and their friends.


Both Zoe and Alfie with 8 and 4 millions followers respectively are so known by young teenagers that they wrote two books. She wrote a novel Girl Online and now she has Girl Online On tour on the way, and Alfie wrote the Pointless book, a game book which the reader can have fun with.

They were also chosen to be part of  the charity supergroup of the Band Aid 30 in 2014 with the single "Do they know it's Christmas?", accompanied by a lot of superstar singers like One Direction, Bono from U2, Rita Ora, Chris Martin and Ed Sheeran.

Speaking of Zoe.. her brother, Joe aka ThatcherJoe is a youtuber too, and a famous one with over 5 million followers.

He is more a comedian, he makes funny videos and also he vlogs his holidays and convention he is invited to.

He is the flatmate of another youtuber, Caspar Lee, a south african 20-year-old boy who is living in London and he made the same kind of videos as Joe.

 Together they are amazing.. so funny! Some fans also shipping them as a couple: Jaspar! ahah
They also have a prank war going on.. it's hilarious! ahah

Then there are Tanya Burr, who is a total sweetheart and she mainly makes make up and baking tutorial but also clothes and house hauls. Sometimes she vlogs her big events or trips. A year ago Tanya launched a beauty line of lashes and lipglosses but also a book called Love, Tanya with a lot of advices, cooking and baking recipes and little pieces of her life.

I can't talk about Tanya without mentioning her fiancè Jim. I should tell that Jim is the ideal boyfriend so nice, caring and funny but also handsome! He's a youtuber and he often participates to fashion and sport events like London Collection Men or Wimbledon.

There are youtubers who travel a lot too like Louis Cole aka FunForLouis who has an incredible life travelling around the world living a lot of adventure. He's in London just for a couple of days and then he books straight another trip for another amazing trip. I really like watching this kind of vlog because he can make other travel with him even if you're in bed at home.

There is JacksGap run by twin brothers Jack and Finn and let me tell you.. they are so handsome! Jack began to his videos documenting his trips during his gap year between highschool and university. Later he was joined by his twin Finn in his mega trip through India accompanied by Louis from FunForLouis.

A year and a half ago, Jack travelled from London to Sidney just to surprise her girlfriend for her birthday! Awwww



I should talk about my favourite youtuber: the SacconeJolys. They are a italian-irish family composed by Jonathan, Anna and their children Emilia and Eduardo. They vlog their entire day daily never missing one.



Its amazing how watching their videos you can see their little ones grow from their birth, through their first steps to their first words. Emilia and Eduardo are the cutest thing ever!


The family lived in Irland but last year they decided to move to England in order to be more connected with their followers and Youtube HQ. It was funny also see the family moving with two little children and their 6 (!!!) maltese dogs.

I began to watch these youtuber about a year ago when all this crazy and sad period of my life started and you know what? Watching these videos was the only moments of happiness and light heartedness because everyday I had that hour where could think about nothing except for enjoying their happy moments. I find really nice also that all these youtubers are friends for real!

Nowadays youtubers are always more popular most of all between teenagers that are making them become the new famous because they are normal people like the viewers, who can relate with youtubers more than with actors or singers.

That's all for now

Talk to you soon


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