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Amal who?

Amal.. yeah.. Amal.. I already heard this name? Is she a model? An actress? Mmm no, I can't remember.
This is what you'd got when you ask if someone knows who Amal Alamuddin is.
Yes, she has a name that is hard to remember but, come on, she married George Clooney!

To me Amal is not just the woman who was able to catch the hard to get bachelor George Clooney but most of all because she's an incredible mole model for young girls.

Amal was born in Beirut, Lebanon, daughter of a university professor and a journalist. When she was 2, during the Lebanese civil war, her family decided to move to London where she gained the british citizenship. She grew in the south of London and then she graduated in Arts in Jurisprudence at Oxford, then she studied for a master of Laws at the New York University of Law, which is one of the most important university in the world. While studying she worked for a judge of the Supreme Court of US and in 2004 she also worked for the International Court of Justice. And this is just the beginning..
Amal worked in the office of the Prosecutor at the UN Special Tribunal for Lebanon and at the International Criminal Tribunal for Yugoslavia. Later in 2013 she was called for some UN commissions as adviser of Kofi Annan and she was involved as lawyer for high profile cases as the Cambodia or WikiLeakes ones.

In January Amal represented Armenia before the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in Strasbourg in order to present the case of the Armenina genocide.

Amal is not just a politically and socially active lawyer, she's also a fashion icon.
Since she married George Clooney, Amal flaunted really elegant and chic outfits. She can wear an absolute casual outfit in the morning and transform herself in a perfect socialite in the evening.

From Stella McCartney two-piece in the morning to a floral black and white with a touch of red dress by Alexander McQueen.

From "pretty in pink" to a lavander Giambattista Valli tailleur.

She can be so cute in a white and light blue dress by Miu Miu with her husband by her arm, but at the same time she can be so elegant with her black dress coming out from the Supreme Court of London.

When she put herself in the George Clooney's wife she can be the perfect supportive wife with her stunning long dresses like at the premiere of Tomorrowland in a gold Maison Margiela dress or at the MET Gala in an amazing red dress by John Galliano.

For her wedding week end she rocked a lot of perfect outfits and she never got one wrong!
She wore an amazing red long dress by Alexander McQueen Resort, a classic black and white striped Dolce & Gabbana dress.

Amal chose this stunning white and floral macrame embroidered Giambattista Valli minidress and for the civil ceremony she wore a beautiful white Stella McCartney white two piece suit with black detail nd a floppy super chic hat.

For the formal wedding she was dressed by the master of haute couture Oscar de LaRenta! It was simple but traditional and beautiful!

She's a bad ass woman! I wish I was her!
I'm currently studying to have a work like hers and if I had half of the good luck I would be the happiest person in the world.
I think that she seem perfect.. politically active with an amazing job but at the same time she can enjoy the glamour aspects of her husband's life.

I think that she can be a perfect role model for young women like me... Amal was able to pursue an important career and she married one of the most attractive actor in the world. If you want you can have it all, apparently. Just look at her!
Tell me.. Who is your role model right now? Who is inspiring you?

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