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When Love Ends..

I surely can say that till now 2015 has been a really tough year.. romantically speaking!
A lot of long and rock solid relationships of some celebrities just split.
Fans usually get attached to some famous couple and when they hear the news about the break up they are shocked. I mean.. all of us once in life were shocked to hear that that really cute couple split.
The classic phrases are "Noooooo! It can't be real", "It's just a rumor! Come on, it's a total fake news", "Come on, they were so cute together", "I bet he cheated on her! That asshole! I knew it!".
This year was a massacre of couples married and not. Maybe the world is running out of love? Well, I knew it before everyone else because all my friends have a significant other and I don't, so there will be one and only true explenation: there isn't enough love for everyone! ahah ;)

Let's begin from Sienna Miller and Tom Sturridge. For me they were the perfect "hipster" couple, so involuntarily chic and alternative at the same time. They have been together for 4 years and for 3 they had been engaged and they also had a daughter Marlowe who is 3. After an entire month  in Ibiza for holiday they announced their break up.



We have Emma Roberts and Evan Peters, who were together since 2012 but in June of this year they split. Their relationship has always been "up and down" but last Christmas they got engaged. The couple worked together in American Horror story for 2 seasons and now they will work for the next season as a broke couple. Emma and Evan were infamously famous for have arguments in public til when Emma were arrested for domestic violence on her boyfriend and when she was released, Evan was outside waiting for her and their reunification was tearful.



Here we have also Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck, my favourite couple! They married 10 years ago after they met during the filming of Daredevil. I was literally shocked when I read the news.. They were like the perfect couple, happily  normal with their gorgeous three kids Violet, Seraphina and Samuel. Rumors said that Ben cheated on Jennifer with the nanny (just like Jude Law and Sienna Miller :/ ), but you know, I'm trying to think it's fake because Jennifer (I loved her since Alias!) doesn't deserve this. And I still hope they'll get back together..
Ben if you did cheated on her, you're an asshole!


Another cold spike in my heart was when last week they announced their divorce after 12 years of marriage. They met in 1995 during both of them were on tour and in 2002 they decided to marry.
They had 3 children during their marriage, Kingston, Zuma and Apollo plus Daisy Lowe who is Gavin's daughter.
I always liked Gwen since she was in No Doubt, I followed her also when she went solo and I loved her songs. I appreciate also Gavin; when he released his single Love remains the same, I played that song on loop for months.
 They were that couple who met when they were young so punk rock and they grew together and remained so punk chic. I loved them! So rock!


Then we have more recent couple.. Both coming from One Direction. Louis Tomlinson with Eleanor Calder and Zayn Malik with Perrie Edwards.

Louis dumped her girlfriend after 4 years. The news emerged after Louis was spotted kissing a girl in a pool in Thailand while he was on tour.. and that girl was not Eleanor. 1D's spokeperson confirmed that Louis and Eleanor broke up two week before Louis was spotted kissing another girl. The Elounor were a milestone of the 1D's couples. Fans were devastated by the news especially after the rumor of Louis cheating on Eleanor. You can't imagine how fans freaked out when just after 4 months Louis confirmed that he was becoming a dad. He got pregnant a girl he was seeing in LA which apparently is his friend.


Let's pass to another shock break up. The other day, the news that Zayn Malik broke up with his fiance Perrie Edwards was out. Zayn and Perrie  were together for three years and they got engaged two years ago. The rumor that is spreading so fast is that Zayn after signing a contract with RCA decided to break up with Perrie through a text while he was in LA!!! Come on, Zayn, a text???? You're a 22 grown-up-young man!
Moreover, after he was spotted a little bit too cozy with a blonde fan in Thailand in march, Perrie didn't broke up with him and try to fix things up.
Right now she is in the US for promoting her new single and he is in LA to enjoy the summer and Zayn asked Perrie to move all her things from their home in London. In response Perrie deleted all their photos together from her instagram account and she took off her engagement ring trying to look more strong and beautiful than ever! Good job Perrie! You deserve way better!


Everyone is breaking up, it looks like there's not enough love in the world for everybody!
But you know, nowadays people are heartbroken just brefly and they're soon ready for another love interest. So don't worry, love will be soon in the air!

That's all for now

Talk to you soon


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