giovedì 1 gennaio 2015

2015 Resolutions

Finally! I’ve finally decided to open a blog!

I passed a long time thinking about open one of them, but I’ve always postponed the thing.
But now, here I am! It’s done!

I’m here, writing on the first of January of 2015 because, oh God, it was time!
My name is Carolina and I will talk about everything  because I’m basically interested in a lot of things and what better than open a blog  and write about everything that passes on my mind? I’m 23 years old and I’m currently attending an english Master of International and European studies (I will kick the world’s ass one day not too far!) but beyond this I’m interested in a lot of other things like a lot of us!

Today is the first day of a new year, why don’t we start with the resolution for 2015?
(with some help of tumblr’s post

- I should learn to unapologetically say no. à I said yes to things and person too many times, it’s time to stop

- read, read, read, read. Read  à I really, really, really should read more.. not university books, not fanfiction, but actual books with actual entertaining stories!

- write more. write about everything. à well, I’m starting now!

- keep your skin moisturized à yes! I should! I must! My skin is a total mess

- appreciate every square centimeter of your body  à I think I started this process some time ago, but it happens that I feel like “the ugly duckling because I’m not perfect

- don’t give a shit about what others think of u à I should care more about the opinions of people who loves me instead of useless people!

- be patient,  be thankful. à relax Carol, don’t be hysterical, just be patient and thankful for what you have, which is a lot!

- life is not a competition. stop treating it like one. à master just started and people are too competitive, I have to stop worrying about what my colleagues do and focus on what I’m doing!

- Start to go to the gym à I really need to start to do some sport! It’s good for your mental and physic health and it actually helps to remove all the toxins!

I’m writing today because I think it’s the beginning of something..  2014 was a terrible year, I think the worst of my life till now.
 So, I put my trust in this year! Dear 2015, be nice! I’m expecting a lot from you, understand?

Talk to you soon


ps: sorry for my english, I'm italian and I'm still learing and practising.

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