martedì 6 gennaio 2015

Celebrity Girl Crush

When I think about  a woman I will envy my entire life, I think about Blake Lively.
Who wouldn’t sell her/his soul to be like her, to be her?

Come on! She goaled at life!

She’s stunning

She can cook

She’s  a perfect Serena Van Der Woodsen


She has incredible hair, she’s even one of the L’Oreal's testimonial

One of her best friend is Christian Louboutin! Can you imagine free shoes forever...?

She dated Leonardo Di Caprio.. You would reject a eurotrip with him? I would'nt!

She married Ryan Reynolds! a hot and nice Ryan Reynolds!

She looks amazing while pregnant (I don't know how she does it!)

-          She’s beautiful as blonde, brunette and also redhead

She's so funny!

Her little pup Penny is so adorable!

She's addicted to chocolate 

She has an incredible smile

Moreover, rumors say that she give birth to a little girl called James (what an unusual name for a little girl)..  I bet her daughter will be beautiful as her and Ryan! 
 Life is so unfair!

                                       I WANT HER LIFE! (fangirling mode on!)

 Talk to you soon




All the gifs are from Tumblr, they are not mine.

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