venerdì 23 gennaio 2015

Who run the world? Girls!

Right now for me is not an actual great time.. actually it's since may that is not a great time for me but there are few things that cheer me up like shopping, listening to music or watching series.
I could literally devour 4 seasons in 2 days non-stop! I mean, who, at least once, didn't do it?
However, right now is coming back one of my favourite series: Girls!

It's a comedy-drama that makes you laugh a lot (it happened that I have to stop the episode because I wad laughing so hard! ahah) and makes you think at the same time, because it analyzes some issues of modern youth like unemployment, pursuing your dreams no matter what, relationship, sex, friendship, mental diseases and other.
Most of all it's a series with a female point of view and it represents different kind of women's point of view.

Hannah is the most rambling girl and I love her, she's so sincere and unpredictable that you love her or hate her.

Shoshanna is so random! she's the youngest and the most inexperienced one but she's sweet and a little bit neurotic.

Marnie is the classic "know-it-all" girl, the perfect one but when her certainties fall apart she has to reconsiders her priorities.

Jessa, she's a mess, the mess that everyone love because she's so dangeorous and a carpe diem person, but honestly I hate that kind of person! Persons who don't want to understand the circumstances and the consequences that actions bring with them.

I have to mention also NOT a girl but Elijah, the ex gay boyfriend of Hannah and friend from college from Marnie. He's a literally fresh air when in tense situations.


The relations between these characters is a deep friendship but sometimes things are complicated due to the difference of attitudes and choices but at the end they love each other.

By the way Girls is a brilliant show written, produced and played by Lena Dunham, who is so funny and real! What I like about her is that is not a classical beauty and she's not afraid of showing it! She's so self-confident and without restrictions!
I like her way to think!

I can relate a little in each of these girls because all of them say some truth!

To me the best episode so far was the fifth one of the second season. I loved the random "rendezvous" between Hannah and the handsome neighbour.

 (Hello handsome Patrick Wilson!)
-how old are you? 
-42 and you?
-24, don't worry we're basically twins!

 Best line ever! ahah

 I really recommend this tv series, it's worth the watch!

Talk to you soon


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